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Duong Pham

Software Engineer

Duong Pham is enthusiastic with new and innovate technology both in hardware and software. Hence, it drives him to participate in awesome projects and adapt himself with latest hardware. Among those projects, Syenta is the most inspiring and motivating project that Duong Pham currently involving in as software engineer.

"My day-to-day in Syenta could be very different from one week to another. For some of the weeks, I devote myself to implementing feature, testing the current solution and writing down any issues that exists. For other weeks, I have a discussion with fellow hardware engineers to tackle problems that exist in hardware and software. Although it requires me to extend my knowledge more than just software development, I'm thrilled that I could see my skillset develop every week. I believe that this knowledge will not only help me to identify the root but also find the optimal solution for future challenges in my career."

Duong Pham
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