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Forbes Asia 100 To Watch 2023

Updated: Feb 5

Forbes Staff

Asia-Pacific’s small companies and startups on the rise

A drought in global venture capital activity has not deterred startups across Asia from breaking new ground. This year’s Forbes Asia 100 to Watch list spotlights small companies and startups that are targeting underserved markets or applying new technologies, from generative AI to blood-based cancer diagnostics. These include eco-friendly innovations, such as the development of insect-based alternative proteins and digitization of milk production to improve yields. Others include social commerce providers, which help users sell consumer products. Thirteen countries and territories are represented across 11 categories, including biotechnology and healthcare, e-commerce and retail, and finance. Leading the list for the second year in a row, Singapore contributed 20 companies to the list, followed by Hong Kong with 15 and mainland China with 11. The emerging innovation hubs of Indonesia and the Philippines contributed 11 and 9 companies respectively.



Category: Construction & Engineering

Year founded: 2022 • CEO: Jekaterina Viktorova

Key backers: Blackbird, Brindabella Capital, Jelix Ventures

A spinoff company from the Australian National University, Syenta developed a multi-material 3D printer that can print using metal, plastics, semiconductors and other materials. Syenta's 3D printer allows companies to manufacture electronics in-house, which saves time and helps protect their intellectual property. In July last year, Syenta raised A$3.7 million ($2.4 million) in seed funding.

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